Focusing on the art community around her, Kez Hughes makes art about art, realist paintings that document exhibitions of her contemporaries.  These paintings of paintings, sculptures or installations elaborate on issues of authenticity, subjectivity and cultural and social economies. 


After graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts and Music in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Art Painting, Kez has gone on to lecture at the Ian Potter Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at Melbourne University and the Victorian College of Arts and Music.  In 2015 along with artist Storm Gold, Kez opened CAVES, a curated, not for profit gallery located at the Nicholas Building in Melbourne, Australia.





2005 Bachelor of Fine Art, HONOURS,Victorian College of the Arts

2004 Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting,Victorian College of the Arts




2020 Portraits, LON Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne

2017 Spaghetti Western, C3 Abbotsford Convent
2013 The Full Picture, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne.
2012 Best Of, Westspace Melbourne.
2010 The Critic Smiles with David Coles, Rearview, Melbourne.

2009 Love the way you make art, BUS Projects Melbourne.

2009 Don’t Let Go,Third Drawer Down, Melbourne.
2008 World Tokenism,TCB Inc. Melbourne.
2007 Cover Versions,Westspace, Melbourne.
2006 Paintings of Exhibitions I went to, TCB Inc. Melbourne.




2019 Fidelities, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne.

2019 Snake Charmer, Lon Gallery, Collingwood.

2019 Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize, Bayside City Council.

2018 Still Life Part 1, Curated by Adam Stone, Irene Rose, Brunswick

2017 Mirrors II, with John R Neeson, Glasshouse Lane Collingwood
2017 Arthur Guy Memorial Prize, Bendigo Regional Gallery
2017 On Hubris, Irony and Schadenfreude, LON Gallery
2016 Double Agent, Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne.
2016 Mirrors 1, with John R Neeson, BUS Projects, Melbourne.
2016 Caves Offsite, Switchback Gallert, Federation University, Churchill, Gippsland.

2013 The Knock Off Show, SLOPES, Melbourne
2012 Objectives, Curated by John R Neeson,Techno Park Studios,Williamstown

2011 Metro Art Award, Metro Art Gallery, Malvern.
2010 Network, Ballarat Regional Gallery,Victoria.
2010 Club house, DAMP, 6th Asia Pacific Triennial, Queensland Art Gallery.
2010 Operal Vacancy, Rearview, Melbourne.
2009 Williamstown Art Prize,The Substation, Newport.
2008 Techno Park, Opening Exhibition,Williamstown.
2006 Curry Side of the Moon. Barefoot Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka
2005 Graduate Exhibition,VCA, Melbourne.
2004 Graduate Exhibition,VCA, Melbourne.
2004 The Wallara Travelling Scholarship, Margaret Lawrence Gallery,VCA, Melbourne.




2015 - 2019 C A V E S, Room 18, Level 6, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

2013 Man of my Dreams,Techno Park,Williamstown.




2016 APEX ART Fellowship, New York.

2006 Roger Kemp Memorial Award.VCA